Live VLF Natural Radio

A collection of live natural radio streams of the VLF band.

Data access

The VLF signals and analysis results collected here are available without charge to anyone wanting to experiment, carry out research, or for art and educational projects.

Live VLF

The server provides timestamped vorbis-encoded live streams which are accessible using vlfrx-tools. The following commands can be used to access the data in near real time:

   vtvorbis -dn,4401 @vlf1   # Todmorden
   vtvorbis -dn,4415 @vlf15  # Cumiana
   vtvorbis -dn,4434 @vlf34  # Surfside Beach
   vtvorbis -dn,4435 @vlf35  # Forest
   vtvorbis -dn,4438 @vlf38  # Warsaw
   vtvorbis -dn,4439 @vlf39  # Heathcote
   vtvorbis -dn,4441 @vlf41  # Heidelberg

These commands are used as pipeline heads for your own signal processing chains.

Whistler data

Whistler counts and dispersion measurements are available in CSV or other formats. Raw audio and reassigned spectrograms for over 780,000 whistlers are also available. Please contact with your requirements.

VLF signal archives

The timestamped VLF signals are recorded for about 20 days. Signals can be retrieved here.