VLF Receiver Software Toolkit

A modular software toolkit for VLF radio signal processing and storage.

  • Command line driven, scripted processing;
  • Precision timestamped capture and processing;
  • Streamable packeted signal streams;
  • Whistler detection;
  • Signal database;
  • TOGA measurement;
  • Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD;
  • Open source;
  • Real-time, post-processing, or simulations;
  • Distributed pipelines, built-in networking;
  • SID monitoring with phase and bearing;
  • Runs on Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone;
  • SDR-IQ and RTL2832U;


This software is released under the Simplified BSD license.

Download the latest version: vlfrx-tools-0.8b.tgz.


All in a single page, here.


Maintained by Paul Nicholson, vt11@abelian.org