VLF Receiver Software Toolkit

A modular software toolkit for timestamped signal processing and storage.

  • Command line driven, scripted processing;
  • Precision timestamped capture and processing;
  • Streamable packeted signal streams;
  • Whistler detection;
  • Signal database;
  • TOGA measurement;
  • Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD;
  • Open source;
  • Real-time, post-processing, or simulations;
  • Distributed pipelines, built-in networking;
  • SID monitoring with phase and bearing;
  • Runs on PC, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone;
  • SDR-IQ and RTL2832U;

Designed for VLF radio signal processing, it also has applications for meteor forward scatter, seismographic and natural radioactivity recording, ELF and magnetometers, radio astronomy, bat detection, amateur radio, and other projects which require precision timestamps preserved through signal capture, storage, and post-processing.

The software is suitable for heavy-duty post processing of recorded data, and for remote or headless embedded data capture in industrial and scientific applications.


This software is released under the Simplified BSD license.

Download the latest version: vlfrx-tools-0.9p.tgz.


All in a single HTML page, or PDF.


Maintained by Paul Nicholson, vt12@abelian.org