Whistler data, Todmorden UK 53.703N,2.072W,


Data file of 15715 whistlers 2010-12-01 to 2011-06-15 for download: http://abelian.org/vlf/wh110410/wh110410c.dat

Format and fields

Plain ASCII text with space separated fields. No header record.
1: timestamp: unix epoch, +/- 8mS, as whistler crosses 8kHz;

2: date: YYYY-MM-DD;

3: time HH:MM:SS.sss;

4: dispersion: D_zero;

5: ps:  PCA score, detection significance, threshold of 2.0

6: bearing:   Degrees. positive = East, relative true North,
              -180.0 to +179.9.  This is the azimuth of the major axis
              of the polarisation ellipse;

7: polarisation:  L = left circular,
                  R = right circular,
                  as seen looking in the direction of the wave vector;

8: ellipticity:  major_axis/minor_axis of polarisation ellipse,
                 1.0 = circular, infinity = linear polarisation;

9: E/H:  Ratio E/H, very approximate.  Subject to unknown errors in
         effective height and loop area;

10:  N:  Number of points on the whistler trace over which the above
         parameters were averaged;