Live VLF Natural Radio

Signal Retrieval

Signal Retrieval

Select start time and duration

  Start time (UTC):   YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.SSSSSS
  Duration:   Seconds (0.05 to 120.0)

Select which receivers to include

   vlf1 Todmorden (GPS)
   vlf3 Sheffield (no timing)
   vlf6 Bielefeld (GPS)
   vlf9 Cape Coral (NTP)
   vlf15 Cumiana (GPS)
   vlf25 Hawley (GPS)
   vlf34 Surfside Beach (NTP)
   vlf35 Forest (GPS)
   vlf37 Wilmington (no timing)
   vlf38 Warsaw (GPS)
   vlf39 Heathcote (no timing)
   vlf41 Heidelberg (GPS)

Select output format

  Time domain plot
  VT format
  WAV format