Some recent milestones with amateur radio experiments at VLF.

With a couple of related experiments at LF and MF. Send any corrections and additions to

Referring to the spectrum below 10kHz, Roger Lapthorn G3XBM wrote (RSGB Radio Communication, April 1975):

" Amateurs should not ignore its potential as an area for experimental work requiring little equipment to get started and presenting a subject with a difference to work on"

Interested in getting involved? Sign up to the VLF_group on, The group covers natural radio (whistlers, aurora, etc) but is also the main forum for amateur radio transmitting and receiving.

From To Frequency
QRB km Chars Notes
8970.01858.7 Stefan's 2nd kite transmission. Up to 1.7mW ERP, signal average 1.34fT peak 3.1fT, 6.6 sigma. New detection distance record.
2010-03-21DK7FC/PIK1QFK8970544 Stefan's 3rd kite transmission. Signals received by 10 stations. First VLF transmission Germany to Italy.
6469.97858.7 Stefan's 6th kite transmission. First experiments at 6470 Hz. 200m kite elevation. Received by 7 stations. First VLF detection Germany to France F5WK.
2010-10-02DK7FC/PSQ5BPF8970904 Stefan's 7th kite transmission. New carrier detection distance record. First VLF signal detection Germany to Poland.
2010-10-23DK7FC/PEI8JK89701310 Stefan's 8th kite transmission. New distance record at 8970. DFCW-600. First use of GPS locked transmission.
2010-10-23DK7FC/PSQ5BPF5170904 Stefan's 8th kite transmission. First use of 5170 Hz. Received by 6 stations.
2010-12-04DK7FC/P4X1RF89702873 Stefan's 9th kite transmission. Record VLF ERP of 58mW at 8970. Received by 23 stations in 9 countries. New distance record for carrier detection.
2011-02-06DK7FC/PTF3HZ89702404 Stefan's 10th kite transmission. First VLF into Iceland. Received by 24 stations in 9 countries.
2011-02-07OE5ODLTF3HZ8970.032766 First VLF Austria to Iceland. OE5ODL with 80m balloon.
2011-02-17OE5ODL4X1RF8970.032478 First VLF Austria to Israel. OE5ODL with 125m balloon.
9090.91006218 Signal detection, 9.6 sigma in 70uhz, 0.2fT. UK distance record.
2012-03-25DF6NMOK2BVG8970424 First VLF international QSO. Using MFSK-37 with 30 minute characters. Both sides of the QSO copied in Todmorden, UK.
2013-12-31DF6NMDK7FC8970.000175 OPDS-4H. First use of Opera at VLF. -58.3dBOp 100% 17.0dB.
8970.0001028.4 OPDS-4H. Record distance for Opera at VLF. -59.1dBOp 100% 16.3dB
29499.05424.7 First T/A carrier detection at VLF.
2014-03-04WH2XBA/1DF6NM29499.06451.7 Distance record for T/A carrier detection at VLF.
2014-05-30W4DEXN4VLF8970.1000254.2 First strong sub-9kHz transmission in North America. Carrier detection at Forest, VA.
8971.00006194.2 First T/A sub-9kHz signal detection west to east.
2014-06-03W4DEXHawley, Texas8971.10001816.2 Distance record for carrier detection in N/A.
2014-12-02W4DEXDL4YHF8820.0006917.7 Distance record for carrier detection.
2014-12-18W4DEXIK1QFK8820.0007173.4 Distance record for carrier detection.
8280/83401028.4 Path length measurements from group delay.
2017-01-21DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.8 Distance record for ULF signal detection.
2017-01-28DK7FCRN3AUS8270.0051985.6 First VLF detection, Germany to Russia.
2970.000081881 Distance record for carrier detection at 2970. 13:00 to 00:00 with 9 days stacked to give 14.0 dB S/N in 25.25 uHz.
5170.00251028.4 Distance record for fixed antenna at 5170Hz. 11.2dB in 55.5uHz from about 1uW ERP.
2017-04-03DK7FC9707.2 First experiments on 970 Hz. 7.2 km S/N 30dB in 424 uHz.
2017-04-21DK7FC97014.4 Distance record for 970 Hz. S/N peak 18dB in 424uHz.
Combining coherent signals from two stations to produce a rotating beam.
8270.00706253575.5 First T/A from CA to UK carrier detection. 10uW ERP, S/N 13.9 dB in 46.296 uHz.
2017-08-20DK7FCDL0AO4470.005226 First amateur operation at this frequency. Carrier detection distance record,
4470.005881 Carrier detection distance record, S/N 14dB in 23.1 uHz after 48 hour integration.
2017-12-02DK7FCEA5DOM17470.11391.4 First VLF detection DL to EA and distance record at this band.
2018-02-03DK7FC970.00540.5 Record distance for carrier detection at ULF. ERP 18nW.
17470.116805 Record distance for carrier detection at VLF. 12 daily repeats, 19:20 to 21:50 UT for 30 hours total. 14.13 dB in 111.1 uHz. ERP between 2mW and 4mW.
2018-09-29DK7FC970.155.6 Carrier detection 13.03dB S/N in 139.5 uHz. First far field detection at 970Hz.
2019-12-27DK7FC/PN4VLF8270.0056768 Record distance for carrier detection at 8270Hz on East to West path. Tx using 1130m ground loop, 1.75A current, 350W. Also received by W1VD at similar S/N.
8270.0011071 Daytime carrier detection of QRP transmission, TX 5.4W, ERP 200nW, 13.9 dB in 15.4 uHz. Tx ant Marconi-T 4x33m at 13m height, C=660pF.
8269.99751412.6 Record distance for carrier detection with QRP transmtter. TX 5W, ERP 300nW, 15.9 dB in 2.3 uHz.
2020-03-09DF6NMDL0A08270.053 First successful use of WSPR at VLF, 10uW ERP WSPR-15.
2020-03-09DK7FC/PDL0A08270283 Distance record for WSPR at VLF.
8270.005840 Carrier detection QRP 0.6W from tablet computer loudspeaker driver into 1130m ground loop.
5170.005840 Carrier detection QRP 0.25W from tablet computer loudspeaker driver into 1130m ground loop.
2020-09-30DL0HOTDL0A08273.0164 First FST4W-1800 on VLF. '2020-09-30 20:00 DL0HOT 0.008273 -26 0 JO60it 0.005 DL0AO-1800 JN59vk 166 203'
2021-08-21DL3JMMDK7FC1670.03344 Distance record for 180km band carrier detection, 21:00-03:00 carrier S/N 28dB in 46.9uHz.
2021-08-31DL3JMMDL0AO4025-8275172 Ionosphere sounding, 4025 Hz to 8275 Hz in 50 Hz steps of 20 seconds. TX group delay estimated 0.1mS.
2021-09-28DL3JMMDK7FC970.03344 Distance record for carrier detection at 970Hz, best reception E-field 18.39dB in 12.8uHz. Also received clearly at DL0A0 (172km) in 424uHz.
8270.035577.6 Carrier detection at 5.5nV/m after 4 days, 13.8dB in 2.86 uHz. Tx 32V x 160mA into 75m ground loop 165/345 deg. Estimated 40nW ERP. First amateur VLF signal out of France.
2022-02-16F5VLBDL0A08270.006251104.8 First VLF detection France to Germany. French distance record at VLF. S/N 13.0dB in 46.3uHz.
2022-04-15DL3JMMDL0A05170.03168 First SID detection using amateur radio VLF signal. M-class Xray events visible in amplitude and phase of EbNaut signal at 10:30 and 13:50.
2022-04-28DL3JMMSQ5BPF1670.03575.5 Distance record for carrier detection in 180km band. 5.2 std dev from mean of 10 x 2.4 hour integrations (115.74uHz). Tx 4.5A into 500m ground dipole. Rx E-field probe.
2022-10-26DL0HOTDL0A0227.005164 Carrier detection after 104 hours of integration, 18.5dB in 2.67uHz.
8270.00751432 Carrier detection, 13nV/m, -24.2dB in 1Hz. TX 60V putting 450mA into 350m ground loop antenna over dry sandy soil, oriented 355/175. First VLF and sub-9kHz out of Spain. First Spain to UK.
2023-02-03DL3JMMILDN/Kolkata5170.037067 Record distance for carrier detection in 58km band.
2023-05-07DL7NNDL3JMM/A95.00126 Carrier detection via triangular loop (side length 4m), S/N 25dB in 2.8 mHz.
2017-10-23DK7FCRN3AUS5170.11985.61 Distance record for 5170 Hz and message decode. EbNaut 8K19A 1 char CRC6 180 second symbols, Eb/N0=2.6dB. Four transmissions stacked gave 4.5 dB.
2017-11-06DK7FCRC4HAA8270.128771 EbNaut 1 char 8K19A CRC6 symbols 180 seconds, Eb/N0 5.4 dB. Record distance for land path sub-9kHz.
2017-12-10DK7FCN4VLF17470.16817.71 First transatlantic VLF signal east to west. World record distance for message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 1 character, 60 second symbols, CRC 10 bits. Eb/N0 = +1.5 dB, rank 9 in the list decoder.
2017-12-22VO1NADL4YHF8270.00754301.51 First VLF message Canada to Germany, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+4.7dB.
2017-12-22VO1NASQ5BPF8270.00755096.61 First VLF message Canada to Poland, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.0dB.
2017-12-23VO1NAIK1QFK8270.00754533.41 First VLF message Canada to Italy, EbNaut 16K21A 1 character 60 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.6dB.
2017-12-26VO1NARN3AUS8270.00755810.51 First VLF message decode Canada to Russia. 1 char EbNaut 16K21A CRC8 60 second symbols. Eb/N0 = 5.36 dB with two repeats of the message stacked.
2017-12-28VO1NAN4VLF8270.00752415.31 First VLF message decode Canada to USA. 1 char EbNaut 16K21A CRC8 60 second symbols. Eb/N0 = -0.1 dB. New distance record for North America.
2018-01-04VO1NAHawley, Texas8270.00754240.31 New distance record for 36km band message decode in North America. New world record distance for message decode over land path. EbNaut 16K21A 1 char 60 second symbols CRC 8, with 7 repeats stacked to give a decode at Eb/N0 -0.7 dB.
2018-02-19DK7FCW1VD8270.160961 First E/W transatlantic reception and message decode below 9kHz. Single character EbNaut 16K21A with 32 second symbols and CRC 24. Eb/N0 +2.5 dB rank 31465.
17470.1168051 Record distance for VLF message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 15 second symbols, CRC16, 1 character, Eb/N0 +0.8 dB, BER 42.7%.
2017-02-10DK7FCRN3AUS8270.119902 First VLF message, Germany to Russia. 30 seconds 16K21A 32 bit CRC 2 chars Eb/N0 = +1.13dB.
2017-03-23DK7FCRN3AUS6470.11985.62 Distance record for message decode at 6470 Hz. 2 chars 16K21A S=40 CRC=32, Eb/N0 = +0.4 dB.
2017-04-19DK7FCSQ5BPF6470.1919.32 2 character message, 16K21, 30 second symbols Eb/N0 = 1.6 dB, new distance record at 6470 for EbNaut.
2018-01-19DK7FCIK1QFK4470.15052 First message decode Germany to Italy at 67km band. Eb/N0 +5.0 dB.
4470.18812 Distance record for message decode at 67km band. 2 chars EbNaut 16K23A with 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +3.8 dB.
2018-02-23DK7FCW1VD8270.160962 Record message length E/W transatlantic: 2 characters EbNaut 16K21A 30 second symbols CRC22. Three nights stacked to produce Eb/N0 = 0.62 dB.
17470.1168052 Record distance for VLF message decode. EbNaut 16K21A, 15 second symbols, CRC20, 2 character2, Eb/N0 -0.8 dB, BER 45.1%. List rank 118919. Two days stacked. Info rate 1.65 bits per hour.
8270.0007313432 First amateur VLF transmission out of Poland. Record distance from earth dipole antenna. EbNaut 8K19A CRC16 10 second symbols, Eb/N0 -1.5 dB. 100W to an earth dipole antenna at Gdynia.
2020-08-22RN3AUS/ADK7FC/P8270.00520402 First EbNaut transmission from Russia. Rank 11967 Eb/N0 -0.9 dB. Ground dipole antenna for transmission. Also decoded at DL0A0 1800km with rank 19924 Eb/N0 +0.14 dB.
2017-01-24DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.83 ULF distance record for decode, 3 chars 16K25A +2.4dB.
2017-08-12DK7FCDL0AO3675.0052263 First amateur operation at this frequency. Carrier detection and EbNaut decode 3 chars 16K21A CRC7 Eb/N0=-0.5dB.
8270.00753575.53 First message sub-9kHz CA to UK. 10uW ERP. EbNaut 3 chars 8K25A CRC16 symbols 55 seconds, Eb/N0=+3.0 dB.
8270.003321412.63 First Italy to UK VLF message, EbNaut 16K21A 3 chars 30 second symbols Eb/N0=+1.8 dB.
2017-12-24DK7FCIK1QFK5170.1504.63 First message Germany to Italy on 58km band. EbNaut 16K21A CRC11 60 second symbols 3 chars. Eb/N0=+5.0dB.
2017-12-25DK7FCSQ5BPF5170.1919.33 First message Germany to Poland on 58km band. EbNaut 16K21A CRC11 60 second symbols 3 chars. Eb/N0=+2.2dB.
2017-12-27W4DEXHawley, Texas8269.91816.23 Record distance in North America for VLF message decode. Eb/N0 +5.7 dB.
2017-12-27W4DEXIK1QFK8269.97173.43 New world record distance for message decode at VLF. 3 characters by EbNaut 16K21A CRC20 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +0.4 dB. World record distance for EbNaut at all bands.
2018-01-05W4DEXDL0AO8269.97257.93 New world record distance for message decoding in the 36km band. Six nightly repeats stacked to give Eb/N0 -1.9 dB on the 3 char 16K21A EbNaut with 30 second symbols and CRC 20.
8270.00524503 First VLF transmission Russia to UK. EbNaut 3 chars 16K21A 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +1.3dB, decoded on 2020-10-18.
8271.00014173 First EbNaut Czech Republic to UK. 8K19A 3 chars 12 second symbols, Eb/N0 +2.4dB, -22.28 dB in 1Hz. TX 100W, 550mA. Also first to Italy IZ7SLZ +2.0dB.
2023-01-04EA4GHBDL0A08270.007515243 EbNaut 8K19A 30 second symbols, Eb/N0 0.0dB. First EbNaut from Spain.
8270.00251028.43 Final EbNaut into Todmorden in 36km band. 8K19A with 15 second symbols, the message 'BYE' at Eb/N0 +1.3 dB.
2014-12-29W4DEXN4VLF8822.000254.24 First use of EbNaut in North America. 16K25A 9 seconds 4 chars. Eb/N0 = 6.3dB.
8822.0006194.24 First T/A message west to east. 'EM95'. EbNaut 16K25A 9 seconds Eb/N0 = -0.8dB
2014-12-30W4DEXW4GON8822.000869.44 Distance record in North America for EbNaut. 16K25A 4 chars
2018-07-22DF6NMDL0A0137780484 Ultra QRP 25nW ERP, transmitting from ferrite rod antenna. EbNaut 8K19A CRC16, 4 second symbols. Eb/N0=4.8dB.
2018-10-28DK7FC/PDK7FC829.957.64 16k21A CRC18 10 second symbols Eb/N0 +1.5 dB.
2022-10-29DL0HOTDL0A0227.0051644 EbNaut 16K25A, 14 second symbols. Single message (no stacking) decode.
2022-11-30DL3JMMILDN/Gulmarg8270.0352004 EbNaut 8K19A, 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 +5.9dB via the Indian Lightning Detection Network receiver at Gulmarg Observatory, measuring 194nV/m field strength. Record land path. First amateur VLF into Indian subcontinent, first Germany to Jammu & Kashmir. DL3JMM with approx 300W into large ground loop antenna.
2022-12-06DL3JMMILDN/Tirunelveli8270.0374934 New world distance record for sub-9kHz. EbNaut 8K19A, 30 second symbols. Eb/N0 -0.6 dB via the Indian Lightning Detection Network receiver at Tirunelveli. DL3JMM with approx 300W into large ground loop antenna. Also decoded at ILDN/Prayagraj 6379 km with Eb/N0 +5.1 dB.
8970.0021031.55 First MFSK at VLF. Germany to UK. Kite transmission. 5 chars in 25 minutes. MFSK-37 with 300 second characters.
8270.0001028.45 First use of EbNaut at VLF. Two messages, 4K21A 5chars 30 second symbols, Eb/N0 -0.5dB and -1.5dB.
2017-01-25DK7FCDL4YHF2970.000303.85 5 chars EbNaut 16K25A Eb/N0 +4.5 dB
2017-05-18DK7FC97027.25 Distance record for 970 Hz and message decode. EbNaut 5 chars 16K21A CRC=4 100 second symbols, Eb/N0=2.1 dB, -71.2dB in 2.5 kHz.
2017-08-23DK7FCDL0AO4470.0052265 EbNaut decode 5 chars 16K21A CRC6 60 second symbols Eb/N0=0.3dB.
8270.00753575.55 Longest T/A message sub-9kHz CA to UK. 10uW ERP. EbNaut 5 chars 8K19A CRC16 symbols 26 seconds, Eb/N0=+1.8 dB.
2017-11-24DK7FCRC4HAA8270.128775 New longest message at 8270Hz over 2877 km land path. 5 chars EbNaut 16K21A 45 second symbols CRC16. Eb/N0 = 0.0 dB after 4 overnight repeats stacked.
2018-02-07DK7FC970.002540.55 Record distance for message decode at ULF. EbNaut 16K21A, 80 second symbols, CRC17, Eb/N0=+0.5dB, coherent stacking of two repeats. 18nW ERP.
2018-03-24K3RWRDF6NM13739567365 Record distance for EbNaut at LF. 5 chars 8K19A CRC24 3 second symbols. Several overnight decodes. Best Eb/N0 11.9 dB.
2018-10-21DK7FC970.157.65 16K21A 10 second symbols CRC18 Eb/N0 +2.6 dB.
2019-12-22DK7FC/PDL0AO1970.12835 Distance record for 152km band. EbNaut 16K21A with 6 second symbols, CRC20. Eb/N0 +2.9dB. Transmit using 1130m gound loop, 2A loop current, 390W.
2021-01-08DK7FC/PDK7FC221.557.65 EbNaut 16K23A 7 second symbols, two transmissions (Jan 02, Jan 08) stacked, EbNaut -0.4dB, tx 390W 2.3A 1130m ground dipole.
2021-01-31DK7FC/PDK7FC176.557.65 EbNaut 16K23A stacked two (Jan 19, Jan 31) 127 minute transmissions, 7 second symbols, Eb/N0 +0.5dB, tx 460W 3A into 1130m ground dipole.
2021-05-12DK7FC/PDL7NN1970.0053795 Distance record for 152km band. EbNaut 16K23A 5 chars 6 second symbols, tx 2.75 A into 1130m ground dipole, rx 3-axis, Eb/N0 +2.0dB, S/N -21.6dB in 1Hz.
2023-01-16DL3JMMN4VLF8270.0370335 New distance record for east-to-west. 300W into large ground loop antenna. Ebnaut 8K19A, 30 second symbols, Eb/N0 +0.7dB.
2023-02-05DL3JMMILDN/Prayagraj5170.0363795 New distance record for message decode in 58km band. EbNaut 8K19A with 30 second symbols. Eb/N0=-0.9db, improved to +2.5dB during next three nights.
2015-08-16IZ7SLZDF6NM137502.01261059.26 First successful EbNaut message on LF. 6 chars 8K19A 3 second symbols Eb/N0 = 5.8dB. First coherent BPSK at LF.
2970.031080.66 Distance record for signal detection and message decode in 101km band. 450m earth dipole antenna for tx. Eb/N0 +7.0 dB. Also received by F5WK (782km) for first Germany to France at 2970Hz and by IK1QFK (768km) for first Germany to Italy at 2970Hz.
2015-11-24VO1NAIZ7SLZ137776.999685418.27 LF distance record for EbNaut. Eb/N0 = 1.4dB, 8K19A 7 chars 2 second symbols.
2019-04-06DK7FC/PSQ5BPF2970.19757 Distance record for message decode at ULF. First ULF message Germany to Poland. EbNaut 16K21A CRC16 7 chars 6 second symbols. Eb/N0 -0.4dB, BER 42.5%, list decoder rank 14143. Transmit using 2.44A into 1130m ground loop, 487 W TX power.
2970.18407 First ULF message Germany to UK. EbNaut 16K21A CRC16 7 chars 6 second symbols. Eb/N0 +1.0dB, BER 39.1%. Transmit using 2.44A into 1130m ground loop, 487 W TX power.
2024-06-06DL3JMMvlf5270.031079.27 Final message in 57km band to Todmorden, 'TU PAUL' by 8K19A 10 second symbols, Eb/N0 +6.0 dB.
2016-12-31IW4DXWVO1NA137485.00064865.08 LF east-to-west distance record for EbNaut. 8 chars 8K19A 2 second symbols, Eb/N0 = -0.3dB
8270.0058409 EbNaut 9 chars 16K21A symbols 20 seconds CRC16, QRP 0.6W into 1130m ground loop from tablet computer. Eb/N0 +1.5dB.
2016-03-03VO1NAIZ7SLZ477700.00005418.210 MF distance record for EbNaut. Several decodes with Eb/N0 from 3.6dB to 17.9dB. 4K19A 10 chars 2 second symbols. TX 30 Watts to 100m rotated L mean height 15m.
2021-10-15DL3JMMDK7FC970.0334410 Distance record for message decode at 970Hz, EbNaut 16K25A CRC15 with 9 second symbols, Eb/N0 = +0.2dB after three repeats stacked.
8822.0006194.212 Longest T/A EbNaut message. 16K25A 12 chars 14 second symbols Eb/N0 = +1.0dB
2017-12-31DK7FCIK1QFK5170.1504.612 Record message length Germany to Italy on 58km band. EbNaut 12 chars, 16K21A, Eb/N0 -0.1 dB with two repeats stacked.
2018-01-15DK7FCRN3AUS5170.11985.612 Record message length from Germany to Russia on 58km band. 12 chars EbNaut 16K21A CRC20 30 second symbols. Stacked 17 overnight repeats to obtain Eb/N0 -0.27 dB.
2018-03-30K3RWRIZ7SLZ137490761212 Record distance for EbNaut decode. 12 chars 8K19A CRC15, 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 -0.4 dB, S/N -14.3 dB in 1Hz.
2019-02-12DK7FC22.973.512 EbNaut 16K21A 30 second symbols CRC16 Eb/N0 +2.1dB.
2022-05-17DL0HOTDK7FC470.00532412 Record distance at 470Hz. TX 1320m ground dipole . EbNaut 16K23A 12 chars 10 second symbols, Eb/N0 +9.4dB.
8270.0001028.414 First use of 8K25A, 15 second symbols 14 chars. Eb/N0 = -0.4dB.
2017-10-18DK7FCRN3AUS6470.11985.616 EbNaut 16 characters 16K21A CRC19 symbols 20 seconds, 11 transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 -0.35 dB, BER 39.4%.
1059.221 First 2-way contact using EbNaut. 8K19A 21 chars, 1 second symbols. Eb/N0 from 1.6 to 11.0dB.
2015-11-15IZ7SLZDF6NM478499.931059.222 First EbNaut 2-way contact using MF. 8K19A 22 chars 0.3 second symbols. Eb/N0 from 2.0 to 15.8dB.
8822.0006194.225 Longest T/A EbNaut message. 16K25A 25 chars 8 second symbols Eb/N0 = -0.1dB.
2018-03-26K3RWRDK7FC137395673630 30 chars 8K19A CRC18 with 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +4.0 dB.
2018-03-26K3RWRIW4DXW137395703130 Record distance for EbNaut at LF. 30 chars CRC18 with 2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +5.4 dB.
2018-11-06DK7FC270.013.530 8K19A 3 second symbols CRC10 Eb/N0 9.8 dB. Approx 6pW ERP.
2015-02-08W4DEXN4VLF8822254.240 Longest VLF message. 40 chars 8K19A 1.5 seconds Eb/N0 = +1.5dB,
6470.188140 40 character message using 16K25A, 4 second symbols Eb/N0 = 0.0 dB. Longest message at 6470 Hz.
8269.06194.242 Record T/A message length 42 characters EbNaut 16K25A CRC16 7.5 second symbols 22:15 to 07:59 Eb/N0=+0.1dB, info rate 24.6 bits per hour.
2018-11-26DK7FC80.0053.545 16K21A 10 second symbols CRC16 Eb/N0 +6.7dB. ERP 2e-14 W from 5kV on antenna.
2021-01-06VO1NADK7FC8271436950 Record transatlantic message length, 50 chars EbNaut 16K21A 6 second symbols, 18 transmissions stacked to reach Eb/N0 +0.31 dB. (10uW ERP, not 10mW as ARRL incorrectly reports).
6470.188175 Longest EbNaut message at 6470, 75 chars 8K19A S=15 CRC=2, Eb/N0 = +0.8 dB.
8270.188185 Longest EbNaut message at VLF. 85 chars Eb/N0 +0.8 dB.
8270.1881100 Longest EbNaut message at VLF, 100 chars 8K19A S=10 CRC=0. Eb/N0 = +0.2 dB.
6470.1881100 Longest message at 6470Hz, EbNaut 100 chars 8K21A S=20 CRC=8, Eb/N0 = -1.1 dB.
5170.1881100 Longest message at 58km band. EbNaut 100 chars 8K21A with 8 second symbols. Five nightly transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 = -0.2dB, BER 32.7%.
2019-02-17DK7FC22.973.5100 EbNaut 8K19A 60 second symbols CRC8 Eb/N0 +1.2dB.
2016-08-16VO1NADK7FC1374774419.8155 Record EbNaut message length. 155 chars. 4K19A 0.2 second symbols. Eb/N0 +3.6 dB.
8270.1881160 Longest EbNaut message at VLF, 160 chars 8K21A S=10 CRC=10, Eb/N0 = +0.6 dB.
8270.1881300 Longest message at VLF. EbNaut 300 chars 4K19A, 6 second symbols, CRC16. Two overnight transmissions stacked to give Eb/N0 = +1.7dB, BER 21.4%. Averaged 70 info bits per hour.

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