TSSP: GeoTC Test Script

A series of test cases for the GeoTC library.

Updated: 21 Jul 2011

Wherever possible, the expected values are calculated directly. If this is unavailable, a measured value is used. If a measured value is also unavailable, the value calculated by tssp is used.

  Voltage and Current Profiles

A Java applet geoplot to display current and voltage profiles produced in some of the tests. Two instances of the applet are started, one for current and the other for volts. The blue dots are the calculated values received from GeoTC and the applet draws a Bezier curve through the points.

This is used by tests 23 onwards.

  System drawing

This is the geodraw applet which draws an illustration of the electrodes and coils to show their relative size and placement. The applet restricts the view as necessary to clearly show the main components of the resonator, which means that the walls and roof are usually not shown, and only part of the groundplane is visible.

  Test Series

Maintainer Paul Nicholson, paul@abelian.demon.co.uk.